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Overview Presentation 19-05-2020: WP8 Presentation

Summary presentation on project vocablaries - GeoEra Project Vocabulary Summary

Webinar on using the GitHub Issue tracker (25/02/2021)

Using EGDI

Documentation -

Using MIcKA

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Video Tutorials

There are 5 videos in the playlist, otherwise the individual videos can be found below.

EGDI Metadata Cookbook Lite (presenter Pavla Kramolišová), 14 min

Step by step through the Cookbook for creating metadata records using the EGDI Lite editing form in the EGDI Metadata Catalogue.

Introduction to the EGDI Metadata Catalogue (presenter Pavla Kramolišová, Olga Moravcová), 10 min

General navigation in the EGDI Metadata Catalogue, description of main menu, tools, login and example of a creation basic metadata with 5+1 mandatory minimum elements for uploading data to the EGDI platform.

Training video 1. Metadata of structured data – basic (presenter Trevor Alcorn), 12 min

How to use the EGDI Metadata Catalogue and how to create metadata records compliant with INSPIRE via the EGDI-Lite editing form, following INSPIRE validation panel step by step.

Training video 2. Metadata of structured data – detailed (presenter Trevor Alcorn), 20 min

How to use the EGDI Metadata Catalogue. The best practise of creation and editing metadata records via the EGDI-Lite editing form follow the INSPIRE directive validation. Example of uploading spatial data to the EGDI platform. (following Training video 1. Metadata of structured data – basic).

Training video 3. Metadata of unstructured files (presenter James Trench), 6 min

How to create a metadata for an unstructured file (PDF) during the file uploading process to the EGDI Document Repository, part of the EGDI platform.


We aim to empower the GeoERA Science Projects to disseminate and integrate data, information, interpretations and models resulting from their activities in a standards-based and interoperable manner through the GIP.


Direct support is initally to be offered via email helpdesk or raising issues via the WP8 Issue Tracker. If issues are raised multiple times we will pin these on the issues page to form an FAQ.

Emails to support will create issue in the issue tracker via bot with email

Summary of team skills -

Using the issue tracker

See here for a guide on raising an issue. If possible please use the “Labels” function on the right hand side when creating an issue to flag as question/help wanted/enhancement etc.

Webinar on using the GitHub Issue tracker (25/02/2021)